Financial Protection Assistance

Do you live within your means? Do you always remember to pay your regular bills? Are you doing anything you can to protect yourself against fraud? Jewish Family Service' Financial Protection Assistance can help you set up a realistic budget, set up automatic payments for your regular bills, review credit card usage for potential fraud, and set up limits on account access to help safeguard against miss use of funds. 


Within one hour meeting, our specialist can review your budget with you, set you up with automatic payments, and help secure your bank account. This personalized service comes at a small fee, in accordance with Jewish Family Service usual sliding scale. 


Have a peace of mind. Take advantage of this offering.

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  • One of Helene’s neighbors expressed concerns about her to JFS staff. JFS discovered that Helene’s apartment was infested with both crawling and flying bugs...

  • "Jewish Family Service has assisted me in getting in touch with myself to find and deal with healthy new beginnings in my life's journey"